Our Referral Programs And Benefits

Refer A friend is a promotion for both new an existing clients.

Refer A friend is a service provided by us to gain new clients to the platform and also satisfy both our existing clients and shareholders of our company.

Our Promotion is available to all clients worldwide.

We believe that by giving you more we also get regular customer and gives you access to the use of our service for long term.

What are the disclosures?

Refer a friend can be only activated by the account that:

  • a) Has made at least one deposit on our platform.
  • b) The referred client by you will also invest in one of our services.

Are there any rules on which promotion works?

There are few limitations on how much referred account can be activated on single account:

  • a) You will get not get percentage of profit from behalf of clients referred by you but an active percentage on your account.
  • b) The total additional percentage that can be applied to one account is 10%.
  • c) We do not allow making multiple accounts to increase your percentage artificially.
  • If we recognise such activity your accounts can be blocked or terminated.

    These disclosures does apply to everyone that is actively using our platform in any form, both automatically investing, holding assets or manually investing in available options.