Webcoine - W1 Trading Account

W1 Account

W1 Account gives you the trading performance that you need in order to be succesfull.

The W1 (Webcoine First) Account gives you ability to either invest automatically in most promising positions. And Its all done automatically.

At webcoine we believe in future technologies and we are mastering the development of machine learning that makes job of our clients way easier.

So how does it work?

We are using the API's of well known of cryptocurrency exchanges. Through API our software can either predict the moves of market or even earn through arbitrage. Learn more about our API

Arbitrage is an super secure way to earn even in case of volatility of markets, due to fact that it is using a fact of differences in prices between assets available of worldwide exchanges. Before every move our software does the calculation and checks the markets. Learn more about arbitrage

What are typical results from our AI trading?

We have trained our aritficial intelligence on real data prices from 2012- 2020 peroid, and we gaved our software the ability to invest in the time that those years took action. The research made by us in 2016 made us aware that in 78.25% of the times our software was making profits on behalf of our clients. Learn more about AI trading

With the knowledge we got in that time we are constantly developing a better solutions to predict the markets. By using the synchonised real time data, including: market cap, price of assets, and volume we are able to take the responsibility to make the most of transactions secure. Check our our Research

Are the results that I see accurate?

Each Plan on its own has a risk involved in. With higher investment there is lower risk of losing capital. The capital can be lost to many reasons and that include bad timing or predictions of our software. Dashboard of our platform is showing only, approximately results. The API that our software uses is synchronising each 50 miliseconds, and dashboard does refresh each 1000 miliseconds.

What we give you has been tested by us and we were mostly satisfied with results in our technology development lab. If you have any more questions regarding use of software in your own business please contact us, and we will be able to assign a remote worker to set up our API for you.