Webcoine - We Offer Transparent Trading Conditions

Trading Conditions

Execution Time

Our average execution time is about 50ms and the orders are received by exchanges that are connected to our servers through API. We execute your trades automatically and in lightning fast speed. There are no delays. We have very high speed broadband connection connected to our server facility in London (UK).

Currency Pairs

We offer less currency pairs than competition to ensure we are able to get maximum flow in available ones. Every currency available in your wallet has been painstinkingly tested to ensure security, exchanges execution speed and setup of the auto trading software that worked the best for each currency. Through our testing we have made sure that each coin can be bought with lowest price available on market.

Trading Hours

Our markets are open for trading 24/7 and we are able to process the transactions at your demand at any time. Our automated software doesn't require us to hire brokers to work on our clients behalf so the execution is automatic and rapid, and done automatically at any given time using trading terminals.